What Is an Adjective? | Definition, 8 Types & Examples

adjective definition and its types
Written by Waseem Raza

Adjective Definition

An Adjective is a word that qualifies a Noun or Pronoun.

Kinds of Adjectives

There are eight kinds of Adjectives.

(1) Adjectives of Quality

These show the quality, condition or state of a person or a thing.


good,bad, wise, noble, rich, poor, great, hot, cold, warm etc.

  1. Faisalabad is a large city.
  2. Rizwan is a wise boy.
  3. My teacher is a noble person.
  4. Tayyab is a good student.


(2) Adjectives of Quantity

These show the quantity of a thing. Adjectives of Quantity tell how much of a thing is meant. o


much, huge, some, all, a little, any, half, full, whole, enough sufficient, etc.

  1.  I took some milk.
  2. The whole sum was expended.
  3. A few boys are sitting in the room.
  4. I cannot give you any milk.


(3) Numeral Adjectives

These Adjectives tell how many persons or things are meant and in what order a person or thing stands.

Definite Numeral Adjectives: These show exact number or serial order of persons or things.

Cordinals: One, two, three, etc

Ordinals: First, Second, Third etc.


  1. I have two pens
  2. Sunday is the third day of the week.
  3. Zeeshan got second division in the examination.

Indefinite Numertnrectives: Those do not show an exact number.

For example: all, some, many, certain, several etc.

  1. There are several mistakes in your essay.
  2. All the boys attended the party.
  3. Here are some ripe mangoes.

(4) Demonstrative Adjectives

These are the Adjectives that show which or what thing or person is meant.


this, that, these, those, such, etc.

  1. This box is very heavy.
  2. These boys are very hard-working.
  3. That person is my uncle.
  4. Those leaders have always betrayed their nation.
  5. I dislike such an attitude.


(5) Distributive Adjectives

These are the Adjectives which denote a person or a thing separately.


Each, every, either, neither

  1. Each pen is of good quality.
  2. Every boy was given some sweets.
  3. Either Aslam or Akram will have to do it.
  4. Neither accusation is true.


(6) Interrogative Adjectives

These are the Adjectives that are used before a noun for asking a question.


What. Which, Whose

  1. What places will you visit in Lahore?
  2. Which course of action will he choose?
  3. Whose house is this?


(7) Possessive Adjectives

These are the Adjectives that show possession.


my, our, your, his, her, their, its.

  1. This is my car.
  2. It is your pen.
  3. These are our houses.
  4. This tree sheds its leaves in autumn.


(8) Proper Adjectives

These Adjectives are formed from Proper Nouns.


Pakistani, Asian, Chinese, French, Punjabi. Persian, English, etc.

  1. We deal in Persian rugs.
  2. He is an English man.
  3. He is a Pakistani player.
  4. I like Chinese dishes. Read more

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