Tertiary Activities – Definition – Examples

Written by Waseem Raza

Tertiary Activities

Tertiary activities involves the service sector rather than tangible cat goods. It consists of those business and labour specializations that provide services to the primary and secondary sectors, to general community, and to the individual. These include financial business, professional, clerical and personal services. They constitute the vital link between producer and consumer. Tertiary activities are mostly concerned with wholesaling or retailing of goods — They provide exchange function.

tertiary activities

In commercial economies, tertiary activities also provide vitally needed information about market demand without which economically justifiable production decisions are impossible, within the U.S.A., 80 percent of non-farm employment in the mid-1990’s was accounted for by “Services”: By the 1990’s between 60% and 80% of the jobs in commercial economics such as Japan, Canada, Australia, and all major Western European countries were in the service sector — Tertiary Economic Activities. The group (Tertiary) has been described as “pink collar workers”. Also, check primary and secondary activities.

Tertiary Activities Examples

Teachers, doctors, lawyers, agents and brokers, and other service providers are examples of tertiary economic activities.

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