scope of economic and commercial geography
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Scope Of Economic And Commercial Geography

As the purpose and scope of Economic and Commercial Geography is to study the factors responsible for production and distribution for production and distribution of various commodities, to study the trend of consumption, together with the problems involved. Thus we can say that Economics and Commercial Geography is mainly concerned with the study of agriculture, minerals, industrial resources and also means of transportation and trade centers of the world. So more detailed explanation, about the factors of production and distribution are as follows: Economic and commercial geography

Study of Agricultural Resources

For the study of Economic and Commercial Geography it is essential to study the causes to produce various agricultural products. It is also identified which factors are responsible for the growth of agricultural products and also the factors that are responsible for the commerce and trade of the agricultural products.

Study of Minerals Resources

The type and nature of mineral resources are available in the world for study. Minerals are also an important factor of trade and commerce, because every country in the world is not self-sufficient in mineral resources, in Economics and Commercial geography, we study about the production and distribution of different minerals found in the world.

Study of Industrial Resources

Agricultural and mineral resources are responsible for the growth and development of industrial sector because agricultural and minerals are used as an input in industries. So, industrial progress cannot be studied without the study of other factors. Our agricultural produce plays an important role in the industrial sector. A country with limited agricultural and mineral resources cannot be progressed in the industrial sector.

Study of Means of Transportation

Transportation plays an important role for the progress of agricultural, minerals and industrial resources. An industrial and agricultural produce cannot be brought if means of transportation are not efficient. So, without the study of means of transportation study of other factors is not possible.

Study of Traders

Trade centers also play an important role for the development of trade and commerce of certain areas. All trade activities are carried through these centers so, without the studies of trade centers commerce and trade of the other areas cannot be promoted.


The study of Commercial geography put the concept of space, place scale and trade. After the analysis the geographers draw the concepts. So, it is essential to clearly understand these concepts. 1.6.1 Space Space is the concept that refers to physical distance and area. In this concept different type of simple questions are to be asked such as where a particular process is happening. Following are the elements that related with the concept of space.

  • Form of a particular country.
  • Location of a particular country.
  • Trade flows between countries.
  • For a capitalist system the concept of uneven space is necessary.


The concept of place refers the specificity of a particular place. Through this concept geographers explore the richness and complexity of particular places and also the economic processes that are the part of environmental, social, cultural, institutional and political context. The economic processes are much influenced by the environmental, social, cultural, institutional and political contexts. 9 Importance of Economic and commercial Geography ECONOMIST Industrialist Traders Rulers Students Agriculturist Therefore, the way economies are constructed and performed may be very different in different places. So, the concept of place is somewhat indefinite because it takes various shapes and sizes.


The concept of scale in economic geography helps us to organize places through the spatial scales. Spatial scales that the economic geographers commonly used are:

  • Global scale
  • Macro-regional scale
  • National scale
  • Regional scale
  • Local-scale
  • Lived places

It is important to realize that the above key concepts are not neutral tools for describing the world but they are used for the presentation of the world. Read more

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