Quaternary And Quinary Economic Activities

quaternary and quinary economic activities
Written by Waseem Raza

Quaternary Economic Activities

Quaternary services represent a special type of service work, focusing on professional and administrative services, including financial and health service work, working in education, government management, information processing, and research.

This fourth class of economic activities which is composed entirely services in rendered by “white collar” work force.

The quaternary sector may realistically be seen as an advanced form of services, involving specialized knowledge, technical skills, etc. Quaternary sector jobs are not spatially tied to resources, affected by the environment, or localized by the market.

Quinary Economic Activities

The final grouping, quinary activities, remains more restricted in size incomparasion to other groups of activities. The most visible persons in this group include chief executive officers and top — management executives in both government and private service.

Research scientists, legal authorities, financial advisers, and problem—solving services belong to this cluster. Most of these high-order analytical and managerial activities occur in large urban centers or in close proximity to large universities, and medical and research centers. New York, London, and Tokyo, for example, possess such high-level economic activities.

An appropriate label for this group is the “gold collar workers”.

As societies advance economically, the share of employment and national income generated by the primary, secondary, tertiary, and quaternary sectors continually changes, the spatial patterns of human activity reflect those changes. The ‘shift is steadily away from production and processing, and toward the trade, personal and professional services of the tertiary sector and the information and control activities of the quarternary and quinary. Also Visit

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