Plateaus Of Pakistan | Baluchistan | Potwar | Salt Range

Plateaus Of Pakistan
Written by Waseem Raza

Plateaus Of Pakistan Includes

The salt range

The area of salt range begins in the east near the Jhelum and runs south-west to the north of the river Jhelum for some distance before turning North West to cross the Indus near kalabagh. Large quantities of rock salt and minerals like gypsum and coal are found in this range.

Potwar plateau

North of salt range the area of Rawalpindi, Jhelum, and Mianwali districts are known as Potwar Plateau. These areas have also an uneven surface. The Haro and Soan rivers pass across the potwar plateau. Due to scanty of rainfall and uneven surface these areas are not suitable for agricultural activities, but some of the minerals of our country such as mineral oil, coal, iron, ore, lime-stone, etc. are found from the potwar plateau.

Baluchistan Plateau

this plateau lies to the west of the sulaiman and Kirthar Mountains. Like potwar plateau, the dry hills run across the plateau from the north east to the south west. The mountains in the north-east are higher than those in the south and contain valuable deposit of coal, iron, chromite, and other minerals. These areas receive a small amount of rainfall and there is scarcity of water. So due to shortage of water and uneven surface, these are not suitable for cultivation. Read more

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