Means Of Communication

means of communication
Written by Waseem Raza

Means Of Communication

The dynamically evolving Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) hold crucial importance globally as one of the key sectors in terms of powering economies, acting as a catalyst of change and enablement across all other sectors. Communication plays an important role in the economic and cultural development of a country. Pakistan has the following means of communication:

  1. Postal Service
  2. Television
  3. Radio
  4. Information Technology (IT)
  5. Telecommunication

1. Postal Service

Pakistan post office is one of the oldest government departments in the sub-continent. In 1947 it began functioning as the department of Post & Telegraph. In 1962 it was separated from Telegraph & Telephone and started working as an independent attached department.

Pakistan Post is providing postal services in every nook and corner of the country through a network of around 13000 post offices. Pakistan post providing delivery services to about 20 Million households and businesses without any cost. It also provides the facility of postal life insurance, collection of electricity, Gas, and telephone bills, collection of taxes, and saving bank. Other private companies engaged in postal services are TCS, Leopards Courier, OCS Pakistan PVT LTD, FedEx Express, DHL EASYSHIP, and Skynet Worldwide Express.

2. Television

The First television station was introduced in Pakistan by a private television company, in November 26, 1964. On June 27, 1967, it was converted into a public limited company and named Pakistan Television Corporation Limited. The main objectives to establish a Television Network in Pakistan are the provision of broadcasting news, education, entertainment, and documentaries. There are five channels in the country owned by the government namely PTV Home and PTV Global, PTV National, PTV News, and PTV World. There are also operating many private TV channels across the country which are as

Urdu General Entertainment

ARY Digital, ATV, Geo Entertainment, Hum TV, A-Plus Entertainment, Aaj Entertainment, Express Entertainment, See TV, TV One, Urdu 1, etc.

Religious Channels

ARY QTV, Haq TV, Madani Channel, etc.

News Channels

92 News HD Plus, Aaj News, ARY News, BOL News ULTRA HD, Express News, Geo News, Dunya News, and many others.

Sports Channels

Geo Super, PTV Sports, and Ten Sports Pakistan

3. Radio

Pakistan Broadcasting Corporation also known as Radio Pakistan is a public radio broadcasting network. PBC provides a wide range of radio and news services within and outside Pakistan in 10 different languages with the objective to entertain people and educate the overseas audience about Pakistan.

1. Information Technology (IT)

IT has assumed unprecedented importance in the global economy. The government has accorded a very high priority to this sector. IT is one of the key determinants of competitiveness and growth of economic development. In Pakistan, the IT industry is regarded as a successful sector of the economy. As of 2011, Pakistan has over 20 million internet users and is ranked as one of the top countries that have registered a high growth rate in internet penetration. Pakistan enjoys good international telecommunications links via satellite.

The Internet is a giant network of thousands of regional computer networks spread around the globe and each computer network is again the collection of individually controlled geographically scattered but interconnected computers. With the emergence of the Internet, the people of the world have come closer to each other and the world becomes a global village where distance does not matters.

2. Telecommunication

The government of Pakistan controls telecommunications through a number of departments. In the beginning, Telegraph and telephone were done that work. In 1990 Pakistan Telecommunication Corporation was established and replaces Telegraph and telephone.

On 1st January 1996, the corporation was recognized by establishing the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA), the National Telecommunication Operation (NTC), and Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL). PTCL has issued 65,000 telephone connections to its customers. Four Mobile companies are operating their network in Pakistan under PTA. Read more

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