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Interjection Definition and Examples
Written by Waseem Raza

An Interjection is a word which expresses some sudden feeling. Read the following sentences.

Interjection Examples

  1. Hello, Salma! How do you do?
  2. Alas? I have lost my purse
  3. Hurrah! Today IS a holiday.
  4. Oh! What a nice view.
  5. Fie! You are a liar.
  6. Bravo! You have done well.

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Interjections may express:

a) Joy: Hurrah! How! (How nice to meet you!)

b) Grief: Alas! (Alas! The man is dead.)

o) Surprise: Ah! Ha! What! How!

d) Encouragement: Bravo!

Certain groups of words are also used to express some sudden feeling or emotion: Ah me! For shame! Well done! Good gracious! Good heavens! etc.


1- Classify the following words according to the Parts of Speech:

lather, mother, brother, sister, boy, girl, you. we, his, she. they. hot, cold. beautiful, ugly, kind, cruel, red, white, break, burn, ask, keep, learn, teach, stand. sleep, swim, dance. write, weave, again, ago. early, often, never, always, surely, openly.

2- Point out the different Parts of Speech In the following:

(1) Amin and Saleem are brothers. (2) The clothes have been washed with soap. (3) The girl has a sweet voice. (4) Columbus discovered America. (5) Solomon was famous for his wisdom. (6) He treats his children with great kindness (7) The people who live in Pakistan are called Pakistani. (8) Parents must do their July to their children. (9) The stars shine through the branches 01 the tree. (10) The days in all places are hotter than the nights. Read more

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