economic and commercial geography
Written by Waseem Raza

Economic And Commercial Geography

  • “Economic Geography is the intellectual interest to the study of geographical facts relating to commerce”. (Reference G.D. Chisholm’s handbook of Commercial Geography).
  • “Economic Geography is the study of the way man adjusts his economic activities to the physical environment” (Clime and others). Branches of geography

Economic and commercial geography is that branch of human geography in which we study the Geographical description of production and distribution of various products required by mankind. Therefore, we say that Economic and Commercial Geography is the Geography of production and distribution. While producing any product various factors contribute their effects on production. These factors are related to the surroundings of a place of production or distribution. Hence, one may say that Economic Geography deals with the factors affecting the production of articles required for food, shelter and clothing.

Thus, the purpose of Economic and Commercial Geography is to study the relationship between the factors affecting production, and also factors affecting distribution and their relation with mankind. As the natural resources are unevenly distributed and therefore, prosperity, development, demands and supply are also variable, at different places, and the factors influencing the type or pattern of production and distribution are dissimilar at different places depending upon the progress of mankind. Read more

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