Conjunction Definition and Examples

conjunction definition and examples
Written by Waseem Raza

A conjunction is a word that joins together words, sentences and clauses.

Conjunction Examples

  1. Rizwan and ArsIan are two friends.
  2. They are sad but hopeful.
  3. My father says that this book is mine.
  4. She walks slowly lest she should fall down.

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Kinds of Conjunctions

(1) Co-ordinating Conjunctions

Which join together clauses of equal rank. The chief conjunctions of this class are. And, but, for, or. nor, also, etc.

Co-ordinating Conjunctions are of four types:


  1.  Cumulative – and, both and, as well as, etc.
  2. Alternative – or, either or, neither nor, etc.
  3.  Adversative – but, yet, still, etc.
  4. Illative — so. therefore, etc.

(2) Subordinating Conjunctions

Which joins together a principal clause with its dependent or subordinate clause or clauses. The main conjunctions of this group are:

After, because, If, that, though, although, till, before, as, unless, where, when, while, since, except. than, until,etc.


(3) Correlative Conjunctions / Correlatives

There are some Conjunctions that go in pairs. They are called Correlatives:

Both — and; either — or, neither — nor; not only — bot also; so — that; such – that: no sooner — than; hardly — when, scarcely — when; else — than; rather – than; else — but; as — as;

  1.  He is both a tool and a knave.
  2.  He is as busy as a bee.
  3.  He must either work or go.
  4.  He would rather die than beg.
  5. He behaver neither wisely nor kindly. Read more

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